Graphic Designer: As the world is moving to the digital economy, every aspect of digital platforms is growing exponentially.

Today mobile has reached places where even toilets are yet to reach.

Companies are spending billions of dollars on branding, advertising and trying to engage customers digitally. This gives us a fair idea, that the size of opportunity this digital economy is bringing to our younger generations and job seekers.

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The size of the opportunity is too big if you are able to catch even a little your life will be different.

At the same time, there is a growing fear among the younger generation that robotics have started taking away job opportunities.

Days are not very far most of our low-end BPO  jobs will be taken over by RPA (robotic process automation) technology. Yes to an extent there is truth in it.

But not to worry too much, there are still areas where robots can’t do much! Creativity is one such area still value for human skills. I am talking about  Graphic Designer as a career.

Graphic Design as a career

Graphic Design is one of the emerging career options in India with high paying job opportunities ever for undergraduate and 12th pass students. 

In simple words, the graphic designer is the one who creates design and brings life to pictures using the latest software tools and technologies

Due to the high demand for these creative skills, today more than 200+ colleges are offering various graduations and Certification courses on graphic design in India.  There are multiple ways you can become a graphic designer which I will explain in a few minutes watch  this video till the end

How to Become a Graphic Designer

To become a graphic designer, you will have to have a strong understanding of the basics. The best way to have a strong foundation is to attend a credible college and take up a complete course

There are top university offering B Design and postgraduate courses in design, Institutes like NID Ahmadabad, NIFT Bangalore have huge credentials. They take students through a highly competitive entrance exam.

If you are not that lucky to get there you can take up diploma certification from ordinary institutes but get mentored by an expert who has a credible reference. It is very important to choose the right course and provider as these global skills valued across the world-not recorded.

Graphic design is a broad field with multiple branches. Once you have the basic understanding, you can specialize in any of the branches or multiple branches if you choose to.

Each branch demands different skill sets and expertise in different software like adobe Photoshop Maya etc.

There are many industry-specific expertise like fashion design, Interior design, Jewelry design, CAD software, Product design to name a few.  I have listed some of the best resources in the link below your can ref and write me back for guidance on the right source.

Day of a graphic designer!?

Perusing graphic design is a creative journey if you just learn the rules and tools you will not be a successful creator.

Every day is a new day and you will have to improve your skills and knowledge through your life.

Here your work will never stop evolving, there is always a new challenge and new problem to solve, and it’s a never-ending ever in demand discovery journey.  If you have a creative mind and ability to tell the story through visualization this career is perfect for you.

Education needed to be a Graphic Designer

There is no education prerequisite to becoming a Graphic designer, anyone can take-up. However, people with a creative mind tend to grow fast. Not to worry, creativity also can be learned as you go deep.

After your 12th from any stream (commerce/arts/or science), you can get into any of the colleges and take up degree courses like Bachelor of Design, or Diploma in Graphic Design and multimedia.

There are many colleges and private institutes offer Certification courses on graphic design, Course duration ranges from 1 year to 4 years, depending on the course and college.

There are many private popular and newly come up training provided claims the best training for hefty fees.

It is not the institute matters here the faculty and facility and your hard work matters more than certification. This industry does not give much weight ate to certification unless you want to become a teacher in college

Fees, Job, Salary- Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer can take up corporate roles in Media houses and advertising firms also they can start their own business in a limited investment.

Who will hire you as a Graphic Designer?

Production houses, Animation industry, advertising agencies Small printing houses, TV, and Media industry, Web design and Software Industry. As a creative person, most probably you would be working with the Marketing, Advertising, and Branding team in large corporate.

Job Roles and Designations

There are multiple roles and layers in the graphic design space. As you go up the ladder there are many possibilities, to start with you may be given the role of Graphic designer, Ux designer, Logo designer, and as you gain experience in the field can go up to  Creative Director.

Salary Range for Graphic Designers

Salary would differ and go up as your experience and creativity get noticed.  As a fresher out of general college can expect around 25k a month to 40k and go up to 125k a month once you are experienced

Is it the right career for you?

There is no doubt this industry is growing very fast and needs millions of people as per some report by 2025. This will be one of the unorganized creative fields which will hire a large number of experts in the next 3 to 5 years.

If you think you are creative and visualize things better than others and have a passion for learning new things. Graphic design is a very good field 

No one can decide what is right for you with 100% accuracy other than you, however, we can help you with the right direction. degree of success is depending on many factors including your hard work and commitment.

Again, there are so many training providers and certifications available, which one is good for your need is something you need to decide before investing your hard earn money.

If you have less budget and already completed 12th or degree, you can start your graphic and animation journey through online courses. There are great mentors out there they help you will all the techniques and tools for a nominal cost.

I hope this helps you to make an informed decision on becoming a Graphic Designer, If you want to know who is the right training provider in your area connect me through the comment I am happy to help you. Have a wonderful day! or write to us on [email protected]

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