Fashion Design Courses are the one among the top courses which are in demand in the job market. The number of Job Openings for Fashion Design Certified professionals is going up every year from the last couple of years, due to its relevance and popularity.

If you are looking for Growth in Fashion Design domain, and want to develop skills near Bangalore, you have multiple choices to learn.

It is very important when you invest time and money on this learning, you learn with the best training provider with great credentials.


How to learn Fashion Design?

There are three main ways you can get any certification and skill up!

1.   Learning Fashion Design Online (Semi live)

2.   Learning Fashion Design in the Classroom

3.   Learning Fashion Design through SME (Trainer)

Best options to learn Fashion Design Courses

There are multiple factors; it depends on your budget, time availability and the level of expertise and the purpose for which you are learning. When you choose a learning mode you will have to be clear about why you are leaning so that it would be easy to choose the path.

Some people take this Fashion Design Course for college projects, others for getting Certification and job purpose. Some look for expert skill upgrade without certification to progress in the profession.


Best Fashion Design training Provider in Bangalore Here is a list ( See the table for updated one)

In the fashion design domain, there are many private and government institutes providing best courses some of them are well known across the country.

  • (NID)National institutes of Design-Ahemdabad
  • (NIFT) National Institute of Fashion Technology( Bangalore/New Delhi)
  • Lovely Professional University ( Jalandhar)
  • Vogue institute-Bangalore
  • Private ones
  • JD Fashion
  • Dreamzone ( Across multiple cities in India)


Want to know the best Learning source in your area? Let us help you. !!

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Type of certification Course:


In fashion design, there are three types of courses

Short Course:  for upgrading Skills and get certified

Diploma (Long Courses): For learning the fashion design and get certified

Bachelors course: offered by Universities

Masters course: offered by Universities

How long it will take to learn Fashion courses?

The simple answer is it depends…

Learning time is depending on many factors and varies from student to student, learning the environment and also mode of learning also type of course taken up

  • Short course – 3 to 6 Month
  • Diploma-6 to 9 Months
  • Graduation 3 years
  • Post Graduation -2 years
  • PG Diploma-1.8years

Again the difficulty level is very subjective and depends on one’s education and experience in the field. In our experience, we found most of the courses in Fashion Design covering the basics will take 6 to 9 months.


Job Opportunities for Fashion Design Certified


With a billion-plus customer to cater to the fashion industry is doing very well in the Indian subcontinent. To cater to such an aspiring generation we need creative and innovative minds in this sector.

Remember there is no dearth of the job for experts in any field and Fashion Design is not an exception to this. There are enough companies waiting for the best talent in the Fashion Design

Here is a list of some of the top roles for fashion design students

  • Fashion Designer,
  • Fashion Concept Manager
  • Fashion Creative Artist
  • Fashion Co-coordinator
  • Costume designers
  • Fashion Artists
  • Junior Designer
  • Ast Design Artist
  • Creative Director


Job and Placement support & Salary Scale:

One of the reasons why student takes this certification course is because of the job support offered by the training providers. Fresh out of college could take up an internship with big passion houses and go up the ladder. Some of the top brands who hire for fashion design students are

  • Levis
  • Raymonds
  • Pantalone
  • Myntra (Flip kart)
  • Gokuldas Images
  • Proline
  • Many more …
  • Madhura Garments

Salaries vary from companies to company and city to city. On an average salary is for fresher in fashion industry ranges from Rs 15000 to 25000 (Junior Level) and experience ranges from 25000 to 40000 thousand and Senior positions such as Creative Director and GM will have 75 to 1.25lakh per month.

fashion business

fashion business

More importantly, they are all ready to pay a very good salary for an expert. Salary for Fashion Design Certified experts in increasing by 10- to 15% year on year compared to other domain.

Job Guarantee and Support

Many good training providers do have job support mechanism where they will arrange an interview with companies hiring. However we would like to caution students not everyone who takes up courses will be placed, yes most of them claim 100 % placement guarantee in India however, and the reality is far from the truth.

What they guarantee means is arranging an interview for a training batch, the interested company will visit their premises and you will have to face the interview on your own, If you have 20 people in the batch only top 3 or 4 get selected and rest will have to wait till next arrangement. we are mentioning this not to scare you but know the reality of the training industry as such.


Course Fees and Certification Cost of Fashion Design:


Every course you want to take up has two parts to it, the first one is learning and the second one is getting certified.

Courses Fees Fashion Design Courses List

Certificate course NameCourse Fees INR/$Course CategoryLocationApply
Amazon Certified Solutions Architect$150+ $20Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
CompTIA Cloud+ Certification277Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)345Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer$100 per exam * 5 examsCloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure$100 to $200Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect150Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Certified OpenStack Administrator300Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Rackspace CloudUCertificationNaCloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud600Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
VMware Certified Professional – Cloud (VCP-Cloud) $225Cloud CertificationOnline + OfflineApply
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud499Online + OfflineApply
Data Scientist49000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Analyst44999Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science with Python22000 to 24000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science Certification Training - R Programming20000 to 22000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science with SAS Training20000 to 22000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Training19000 to 21000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Business Analytics Expert45000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Power BI8000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science Capstone23000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Business Analytics with Excel14000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science Architect Master's Course40000 to 63000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply
Data Science Course Online Training and Certification11000 to 20000Data Sceience Online + OfflineApply

In most cases where there is no accreditation is needed total fees includes Certification as well as tuition fees. In many cases where only training fees are charged and Certification cost is extra.

Certification varies from providers to provider and place to place, this would help students to get an idea of what the overall investment in terms of money and time, Just apply to get in touch with providers for more info and enrollment.

List of Best Fashion Design courses and Fees range in INR*

  • Short Courses- 30000 to 45000
  • Diploma Course 40000 to 90000
  • Bachelor of Fashion Rs 60000 to 125000
  • B.Sc Fashion Design 60000 to 125000
  • B. A Fashion Design 60000 to 125000
  • MSc Fashion Design-150000 to 325000
  • PGD Fashion Design-40000 to 75000

There are many factors one need to consider while choosing training providers. As a leading ed-tech platform we advise thousands of students; based on our experience it is not always the best branded or marketed training provider has good quality teachings.

It is our experience you take expert guidance on the other factors and invest your time and money wisely. Should you need any help in choosing the right source feel free to connect us, we are happy to guide you for Free. What Fashion Design us or fill this form.


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Course Syllabus (Fashion Design)
It is very difficult to give the entire syllabus for an oblivious reason. To start with some of the expertise one needs to have to become and succeed in this field is. Fashion Design covers a vast area and a recent phenomenon of the last 10 years contains many different domains and expertise


If you are a Fashion Design Expert and willing to teach students on the subject with reasonable fees, we encourage you to connect us, we will be happy to promote your service to our large students, connect us at [email protected]


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