A Poor young boy was looking for an office job to make a living.

He applied for the Office boy post in Multi-National Company

During the interview, the hiring manager asked all the irrelevant questions and the boy answered all to the satisfaction.

There were 3 rounds of interviews (it happens in most tech companies if you have not experienced yet).

Interview process

In the final round, the manager wanted to test his skills, so he asked him to clean the toilet floor, The boy did it to perfection.

“Congratulations You are selected!! Give me your email, we will send your appointment letter”, said the Manager.

The boy replied! I don’t have a computer and even an email id, I don’t know how to operate them!

I am Sorry, Said the Manager! If you do not have an email address and you don’t know how to operate them, that means you don’t exist! If you do not exist, you don’t have a job here.

The boy left the office with no hope! was really disappointed.

He was walking back home with only $10 in the pocket, He saw an elderly lady struggling to carry tomatoes and Onions in a carry bag!

Suddenly he got an idea if he can serve these elderly people with fresh vegetables he can make a living!

He went to the wholesale market and picked 10kg Tomatoes started selling door to door,

Within a couple of hours, he sold all of them and he had $20 in his hand.

He was thrilled!!

The next day he started early morning and repeated the same 3 times and returned back home with $60 in hand.

Now boy knew what to do, every day he went early picked up fresh vegetables and delivered to the neighborhood, and returned late.

Soon his business double and tripled, he bought a cart, then a truck, and very quickly had a fleet of delivery vehicles covering the whole city.

A couple of years later he was the biggest food and vegetable retailer operating in multiple cities,

He wanted to cover his business and family with Insurance, He called the insurance broker, and the end of the conversation broker asked him and email id,  Then the man replied I don’t have an email address.

The broker replied with surprise, you have built such a great business in the shortest time, imagine if you had an email how big it would have been !?

Then Man paused for a while and replied “ An Office Boy”

Takeaway: We all have gone through these situations and many failed in interviews. That is not the end!.

Don’t be discouraged from failures! There is a better thing on your way! The only thing is you should do is, be present to those opportunities with an open mind and commitment.

I will be back soon with another Short Courses, do let me know your life experience and learning in the comment box,

Have an inspired Life!

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