Business Process Outsourcing

Any work which does not need a face to face interaction could be done by any one from anywhere is the core philosophy behind the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This is not a new phenomenon but gained popularity as communication technology improved, western countries started using this to their advantage and they saved money and time. And countries like India explored this to great extent and have become the major hub for outsourced jobs, rest all history as you all know it.

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Work and work Culture:

BPO work is predominantly hovers around two types

  1. Voice Process:

Voice process is nothing but telephone operators who answers calls or makes calls to customers (remember those credit card people calling you) it is that simple. For this Voice Process you should be good at communication on different local and international languages. Examples

Customer services: Call centers (Airtel and Idea) that troubles you every now and then and pushed you to take up new plans or  if you have any queries and concerns you can call some number and get addressed  through phone. 

Technical support services: Installation, technical troubleshooting support,product support and problem solutions over email, Chat or phone calls for computer and related products.

2) Non Voice Process.

Non Voice Process is basically doing something in computer like processing the order, filling forms, updating information in computer etc.

To put it simply it’s a data entry job though there may be few exceptions. The advantage in this part of the word is apart from Cost and Time, availability of highly educated people for these BPO jobs. There are many streams of works and fancy names few are listed below :

Insurance processing: When ever new policy is taken processing this policy information and updating in the system, claims processing, policy maintenance, policy closure etc.

Data entry and data processing: This is pure data entry where data is avialble in different form or eBook or images, website etc one has to connect these data and enter into system where it can be used for later purpose.

 Data conversion services: Data conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets,PDF to Word,  HTML .

Account payable and receivable Services: Involves maintaining general accounting books and ledgers, tracking account receivables and payable bank reconciliations etc. 

Online research: Internet web search, market research, Analytic and Surveys and other big data collection from web sources etc.

Work culture in this part of the BPO word is mostly imitating western partners. As many large multinational companies have setup their office they bring culture along with it. Though some of them are debatable, looks so weird and obnoxious at time (working with tie and coat in 45 C at Chennai and taking call for pizza vendor) it’s a reality. Working timings are mostly after noon to whole night as it is a day time for all western countries. Don’t worry most of the good standard BPO companies takes care of your transport, they pick you from your home and drop you back.

Opportunities and Growth: There is no doubt BPO companies have provided immense opportunity to millions and millions of young middle class youth. Majority of them have used this for their advantage and really worked hard and made career out of it. Others have gone into fancy part and spoiled and got exploited. Growth opportunity in  lower levels (1 to 4 years) is mostly found in hopping jobs, however there are people who stick to one company for 5-8 years have made a good progress. It’s all depends on your hard work and little bit of luck at times.

How do I get into this sector: Anyone with a graduation (now a days  10+2 ) can get a job here.  One has to decide what his career objective and be clear with it. There is no doubt BPO space provides you a bread and basic comfort in early age, however you need to choose whether is that right for you or not.

All major companies Like IBM , Accenture, CISCO, Microsoft  TCS, HCL, Infosys and hundred others are into this business and taking few thousand people a year. One has to be watchful when they call for walk in interview, it is normally published in news paper or look into website like, or

this should be able to give you an idea.

Interview Process : Normally there will be three to four round on interview

  • Basic HR round : Normally they ask about you and your background, your intention of work, communication ability, basic attitude, done mostly by HR executives
  • Technical : this is more of a assessing your computer skill, work ability, attitude in depth, team player, knowledge on subject , your past achievement, situational  behavior. Normally taken by a person who is going to be your team leader. Or work manager.
  • This round is more of a reconfirmation of earlier two rounds and summing up, they know about you and your work, they just want to reconfirm by a middle manager level person and explain the opportunity they have for you.

Earning Potentials  : This is completely depends on what you are getting into, my write-up is for  fresher’s, so  most companies offer Rs 7500 to Rs 15000 on higher side, many organization will have incentives for performance which will range 20 to 50 % of your salary. Cost of living has gone up really high and 4 to 5 thousand goes for PG and living expenses. Don’t dream a big bike or a car before you complete at least 3 years of work life.

Who are all reputed players in this field: As I mentioned earlier at least 100 other multinational companies offering jobs  most of them are good , its impractical for me to list all of them here, to name a few  have listed here There is no order in it, all are equally good and bad.. choice is yours

  • TCS
  • Genpact
  • WNS Group
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Cognizant
  • HCL Technologies
  • Concentrix
  • First Source
  • MphasiS
  • EXL
  • vCustomer
  • hinduja global solutions
  • 24/7 Customer
  • Sutherland Technologies

So that’s what the time I had today will catch you for more update on this space later get in touch with me :)

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