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It is the Skill gets you a Job not Education

This morning I met a young man who was trying to sell something to me while I was at my retail showroom, After initial scripted play which i hardly could understand  I was curious to know his background and how he landed up in what he is doing now.

Its a reality in India what students learn in college and what they do for living is no where related, its true even in my case. However its fair to expect today’s generation x should be smart and job ready. But the reality shows otherwise. This man reaffirming my belief which is leading to write this article.

Coming back to the sales boy’s story, this  man is  fresh  B tech graduate who spent his 4 years life learning hardcore computer technology,  could  hardly converse in English forget about selling. This bring me to the point that i am trying to establish… what is the relation between employability and college degree.?. Simple questions arises to mind is  how could a student come out of colorful degree without a basic skill be it technical or otherwise. What level of quality standards these colleges maintains. What would  be the impact of this on society in a longer run? .  Organisations like TCS, Infosys, Microsoft are spending huge amount to make freshers ready for work,  on an average 3 to 6 months they train  an individual  on  OJT to make him ready for the job. So the whole system of education and skill needed for indsutry is way apart and literally there is very few people ready for hire.

After the graduation people are spending huge amount on short courses to get them equipped. This short courses and workshops and training have become big business off late, and many Training instituters have come up in recent days. Again there are quality issue, many  training institutes are extremely quality focused others are not, filtering the right training institutes and courses is a difficult task. In this aspect  has been a true learning enabler and  helping such students and professionals in finding the right institutes and courses effectively. Good Training institutes also gets benefited by associating with  and they can reach large audience who needs to be job ready.



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