Guide to Network and Security Certification in 2018

We are seeing ever growing inter connected world connecting billions of people across the globe. From Defense industry to Space technology, consumer products to automobile engineering everything is connected in one or the other way. This indicates the size of the opportunity networking professional would have, and it will grow bigger and better for decades to come.Today Network and Security have become the backbone of IT environment, and it is essential for a small office to large multinationals organization like Apple to Google

As a result of this Connected unsecured world, where we are in today! Networking professionals are in demand across the world. Security and networking professionals are one among the highly paid people in technology space.

Getting into network and Security space in early stage of your professional life is a good option, and one can grow really faster compare to other field. As there is high demand in this space many training providers have started diploma and short courses on network engineering. In fact it has become one of the engineering disciplines in many technical universities in India and abroad.Even some universities have started offering short courses.There is no doubt these networking certifications will further enhance your career opportunities and add value to your resume.

This is a complete guide for people who are considering IT network and Security as a career options. We have touched upon every aspect of a career in the field of networking and IT security space. We have also listed the training providers,courses and  some of the best online courses for networking Certification to help our large learning aspirants.

What are we covering in this guide ?

  1. Why choose networking for career?
  2. Why Go for Certification?
  3. Benefits of Certification
  4. What is the average Salary of  IT Network Engineer ?
  5. What makes one  successful in networking field?
  6. What is covered in network Certification Training?
  7. Scope of work for networking professionals
  8. Role Network Certified professionals can aspire for?
  9. What are the top Certification in Networking & Security
  10. 5 levels of Cisco Certification with Path

Why choose networking for career?

Due to massive expansion on interconnected world there is high demand for Certified Networking professionals. In fact this is one of the fields which offers you the good role, where you can sit with top IIT and MITS educated professionals with a simple diploma certificate. As I mentioned before Networking Courses are the best shortcut to success in this digital era for smart people.

Network engineering is very vast and complex field, It is very important to choose the right kind of networking course or certification as some has a better growth and pay opportunity then others.

So the larger question is which certification course to choose from, who is the best training provider in your vicinity is a challenge. Before we tell you who is the best training provider for networking in your area and what is good for you. Let us understand little more in depth on networking technology & Security Certifications and various roles available in the industry

Why Go for Certification?

Benefits of Certification:

  • Certified Network professionals are among the highest paid IT Professional in the world.
  • One of the fastest growing profession and IT Domain, Certification validates your expertise
  • According to the CCNA Fairfield research Survey Cisco CCNA certified people get average increment of 16 to 17 %
  • Getting certified opens up door of opportunity to lucrative IT Career and Government jobs
  • Certification on Resume helps recruiters recognize your skills, helps them to choose you over others

What is the average Salary of  IT Network Engineer ?

Salary depends on many factors like location, role, country and many other things, as a ball point figure these salary should give fair idea on what is the future look like for a certified network and security professional.

Salary Ranges

    • Information security engineer: $131,300
    • Infrastructure architect: $153,000
    • Enterprise architect: $144,400
    • Security Engineers  $62,000 – $185,000
    • Data Security Analyst  $50,000 – $175,500
  • Chief Information Security Officers $102,500 – $500,000

Average starting network engineers salary increases better than any other professions in IT, and the Compensations ranges from $ $990000 to $ 500,000 a year, which is very high compare to salary of people who have similar experience in other field. Some of the top paying  IT, Networking  and Security related jobs for 2018

What makes one  successful in networking field?

  1. Communication Skills: Network engineers are part of everything in office environment; they need to deal with peon to president. Especially ability to deal with non technical people plays an important role in success. Good communication skill along with technical skill is very important to go up the ladder and help people to stay in this competitive IT environment.
  2. Training: There are different educational certifications and Training institutes who offers varieties of programs, to become an expert in the field of computer networking choosing the right program and training providers is the key to success. You could search for the Certification programs and top training providers on our platform Trainings Tree and contact the admission office of the Institutes of your choice by filling simple form here.
  3. Hands on Experience: Nothing can replace hands on experience, all the certifications would need some level of prior experience to make yourself a top notch person in the field. The real experience will give you an opportunity to apply what you have learned in your classroom labs.

What is covered in network Certification Training?

Networking and security is very vast field and it has large number of subdominant related to each other. Just to give an idea some of the key areas where these network engineers operate in (scope of networking).Courses in networking will touch upon all the basics of computer science and connectivity issues. The kind of tasks these network professional handle varies from organization to level at they operate.

As network is omnipresent in everything in today’s life Security of these networks also plays a key role in securing them to the last mile. In a way these security and network goes hand in hand, and it needs to be understood in the right context to have a better clarity.

Scope of work for networking professionals

  • Wireless Technology
  • Storage
  • Communication protocols
  • Virtual Environments
  • Unified Communication
  • Security
  • Certifications
  • LAN and WAN

Typical things handled by network engineers

  • Network errors
  • Connectivity
  • Debugging
  • Server maintenance
  • Monitoring etc

What is covered in Security Training

Those who are Security Certification professionals they will get into deep aspect of network security, data encryption, hacking, protocols etc. Short term courses typically address latest tricks and techniques that hackers would use to break into your network.

In general certified security experts are hired as security auditors, info security professional and even go up to Chief Information Security Officer level after certain years of experience in this field.

Network Security area includes

  • Enterprise networking
  • Data center networking
  • Cloud Networking
  • Information security
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud security
  • Network Security

Role Network Certified professionals can aspire for?

Application of networking and technology has many roles, in the initial stage network engineer can opt for

  • Support Engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Instructor
  • Faculty

At later stage with 7 to 10 years of experience in the field the can aspire to be

  • Consultants
  • Administration of the Network Storage expert
  • Analyst/Network security Professional.
  • Network systems manager
  • Programmer of Network
  • Director (Network Architect )

Who would hire network engineers?

  • ISP & Telecom Companies
  • Equipment manufacturers into Networking Like CISCO
  • Contact Centers
  • Consultancy Agencies
  • R & D (Research and Development)
  • Educational Institutes & Colleges
  • After sales service centers 

What are the top Certification in Networking & Security

Some of top internationally recognized Networking and Security certification Course from the job prospective are listed below for 2018

  • CISM: Certified Information Security Manager
  • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
  • CompTIA A+
  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • GSEC: SANS GIAC Security Essentials
  • VM Ware
  • MCSE
  • CCDP
  • CCNA
  • CCIE
  • UNIX Admin
  • LINUX Admin

List of Top Networking Training providers in India


Top 3 Payers in Bangalore


List of Top Network and Security Certifying Organisations:

  1. CISCO
  2. Microsoft
  3. Juniper networks
  4. CompTIA Network+ (
  5. VMware Certified Professional
  6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

5 levels of Cisco Certification with Path

Cisco is the one of the leading name in this networking space and they offer different certification which is recognized and respected even their competitors.The latest generation of Cisco Certifications (certifications offered by company name CISCO) are at different levels of maturity. From the lowest to highest order, there are five levels, Entry Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect.

Not sure which certification to pursue? Explore the Career Guide.

Steps to get Cisco certified

1 Identify the Right Path This is basically choosing the area of interest among different segments of certification
2 Study and Train yourself This is the preparation stage where you ref right sources and attend training
3 Exam Register yourself for exams, please note Training Provider’s help you understand the concepts and learn. They don’t conduct exams, Exams are conducted mostly online by Certifying authority, you need to apply and the cost of exam varies from $100 to around $ 300
4  Re Certify Re certification is a process by which you are re confirming your skills after certain period, Normally it ranges from 2 years to 5 years depends on certification you appear for.

 (This content is sourced from Cisco website to ensure credible information to our readers.)


Certification Paths Entry Associate Professional Experts Architects
Cloud CCNA Cloud CCNP Cloud
Collaboration CCNA Collaboration CCNP Collaboration CCIE Collaboration
Cyber security Operations CCNA Cyber Ops
Data Center CCNA Data Center CCNP Data Center CCIE Data Center
Industrial CCNA Industrial
Routing and Switching CCENT CCNA Routing and Switching CCNP Routing and Switching CCIE Routing and Switching
Security CCENT CCNA Security CCNP Security CCIE Security
Service Provider CCNA Service Provider CCNP Service Provider CCIE Service Provider
Wireless CCENT CCNA Wireless CCNP Wireless CCIE Wireless


 Few words from authors

We believe there are many way to achieve the success, and network and security space has lots of opportunity and likely to be in demand for next two decades or so. As a leading edu tech platform, we continue to help our large learning audience  with relevant information to take informed decisions on their learning.

Our team of experts have tried to give you the best possible information to ensure you choose the right path for your career development in networking and security certification space. During our research, we have found many cost effective online courses (thought by experts in the industry) which are rich in knowledge and very economical to pocket. You can find out that list of courses from our courses university platform. We have also named few institutes which we believe the right source for you to go and attend classes (you can also give your reviews on those institutes). Our objective is to help you find the best source of learning across the globe and bring that information to learner’s fingertips. We would love to hear from you, let us know what you think about in the comment session or write to us. Good luck, Happy learning and growing !

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