Best 3 CATIA Courses, Review, Cost and Providers

Review of Top CATIA Courses, Cost and Providers

As a leading edtech platform, we review every available courses and training providers in the vicinity to help our learners with the best choice. In this article our expert review team has come out with Best CATIA courses

Courses (online and Classroom) which we feel the best.

There are many factors one needs to consider while taking learning decision. We have considered Quality, Value, Reputation, Fees, Accessibility and many more factors while recommending these courses. Learning is a continuous process and we hope this effort will help you to take informed decision.

Cost of the courses varies from time to time and platform to platform, some of the best courses normally charged for $100 will be available on sale with heavy discount for a short period ($10). We recommend you to connect us for any help!


What is CATIA?


CATIA is mechanical design software, CATIA (Computer aided three dimensional interactive application) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE software developed by Dassault Systemes, written in the C++ programming language.

  • Using CATIA you can create fully associative 3-D solid models.
  • The software was created to develop Dassault’s Mirage fighter jet, but was later adopted in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries.
  • CATIA is very user friendly software

What is CATIA used for?

CATIA is most importantly used for CLASS A surface designing in Aerospace and Automotive industries. CATIA is also extensively used as a blueprinting for reverse Engineering.

CATIA/NX are especially good for aircraft, automotive, motorcycle design. Other like Autocad are good for architecture.Various companies using CATIA are Airbus, Bombardier, Bentley, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen


Here are our best pick:

  1. How to be expert using Catia

  2. Complete CATIA V5 R20: Deep Learning All In One from A- Z

  3. Industrial CATIA V5 R20: Deep Learning All In One from A- Z

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Review of Top CATIA courses:


  1. How to be expert using Catia V5 Basic to Advance Level

Training Provider –  Sanjeev Kumar

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 3.8/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

Wonderful CATIA V5 course by Sanjeev Kumar with 9653 students already registered with 3.8/5 rating. This course includes 32 hours of on demand video, Lifetime access and certificate of completion. Students will also get 30 day money back guarantee.

By this course you will learn

  • Solid modeling – in this you will learn part design
  • Surface modeling – in this you will learn Wire frame design
  • Assembly Design – In this you will learn assembly of parts created from parts modeling
  • Sheet metal Modeling – in this you will learn sheet metal drawings
  • Drafting Design – 2D dimensional drawings


Review: “Slow and Neat. I could easily understand every step. The course contains 3D modeling, Assembly, drafting, sheet metal, and every basic thing required.” – Aditya



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