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How Trainings Tree Helps?

TrainingsTrees objective is to Connect Learners to Learned and make learning is simple and easy. We help Students to discover Training Provider and take informed decision on their learning.

  • Training Institutes   here you can discover training institutes in your vicinity, connect them for FREE
  • Trainers/Mentors    here you can find Trainers and mentors , many trainers have built their profile you can search them at connect them for FREE
  • e Learning Courses  This is a Market place where you can buy course like any other product online. Thousands of course are available in this marketplace where you can learn on your own or enroll to specific courses offline. Here many Indian and foreign registered partners are providing the course , course curriculum and reviews are visible. Here you can choose the best and verity of courses in a single platform


  • FAQ-Student

I am a student how I can use Trainings Tree!?

Student can use TT for discovering Training Providers, Training Courses online/Offline in our elearning market place and Find best  Trainers & Mentors in your vicinity


I need to learn specific skill how you will be able to guide me

All type of training providers profiles  have been updated here in our database. We cover verity of programs from hobby class to high end technology training. You can choose from available provider we have already profiled or you can ask for information by filling the available form, our expert team will revert back within couple of days.

I have not found a specific training institutes in my area what should I do?

We are covering initially 25 cities and next 50 cities of India, may be that your specific area yet to be covered by our expert team, hold on for just a few days we will cover it for you!

I need guidance on specific course will you be able to help me ?

We have a team of experts who do counseling on specific areas, please do write to us on your requirement we will guide you / will put you across a right person or forum for guidance.

There are too many provider how do I choose the best.

This is exact reason why we have set up TrainingsTree discover .We want students like you to evaluate courses and training providers once they take courses through our review system. This will help to improve education system and help Training providers to provide better service and grow fast.

I have found a very good training institute which is not listed here what can I do

Please ask the training institute owner to be part of this, share a link with us as well we will connect with them and try to update.


FAQ-Training Provider

Registration & Login compulsory to list my Business?

Yes, one has to register with us to list their business, you can even list for FREE

How do build my Training Business /Events profile in TrainingsTree ?

Simple it take 3 Mints max. Login to your account ,At home page right side you will see “ Add Business Now”  or “Add Event”  button Select that , System will take you to next steps , submit your profile. That’s all !  Normally take 24 hours to get activated , once it is approved your business is online and  visible  to millions !

I have already a website how  TrainingsTree helps me?

Finding a your website in billions of website is a challenge for Google too. its like remembering your name by our chief minister. Unless your service is so popular you are unlikely get traffic, even you get it’s a limited, you will have to spend a lot of money to get traffic. Trainings Tree is not in the business of highlighting website but a service, When we highlight your service there is already a filtered data, and people who look for service you are visible. We help your website to grow  as student will visit you and help you to grow business. And also you can Sell course online. Visibility matters in business.


How Trainings Tree ads value to me?

Trainings Tree is a unique platform , we connect students to learning provider , by building profile in TT you are daily visible to millions of students, this will help to build your brand, Daily we get thousands of training request we serve and provide direction, you can access to these training request. We are very cost effective, to print a banner it cost around 2k to 5 k and it would reach only to few 100 people , however we take you to thousands of students who look for your service, there is high chance you can convert them to your advantage. You do many more things with Trainings Tree, You can Sell your courses, Publicize workshops an Events to millions of students.

Do you have free service?

No we do not have free service, We provide value

Can Membership plan could be customized?

All our membership plan is designed to suit every type of organization, however we do customize based on case to case basis only for large long term players

How is your review system works !?

Review system is designed in such a way even system admin cannot change the ratings! Its only a person who (student) can rate a provider. This will help both training provider and students to take informed decisions.

Feel free to connect us at [email protected], or [email protected]


E LEARNING –Course Market Place

I see many courses here how do i buy them ?

TrainingsTree Elearning : is a platform for buying and enrolling courses . All kind of courses are available in this market place.

Learners from all walks of life can find courses to their need and taste. The objective of this market place is to help learners buy course like any other online market.


How to buy courses ?

TrainingsTree is a Learning  market place, here all kind of courses are sold by training providers across the world. Learner have to buy courses from respective provider and payment should be made to them in whatever the currency they are in .

Do I pay to courses in $ or Indian Rs ? how it works


For the courses which are provided buy global players you need to pay through what ever the currency they are in , Mostly dollars ($). For Indian Provider you can pay in Indian Rs on our platform only.

Once you buy course, the course provider will connect you and you will get confirmation of your participation from them.

How do you ensure you service is provided once it is paid.

Trainings Tree ensures you get what you paid for or enrolled for, if any cancelation or non adherence from the provider , please write to us at [email protected] we will take it up with provider and  will ensure action.


Online Learning Courses- FAQ

How online learning works in Trainings Tree

Trainings Tree is a online course market place, there will be number of training providers who would be selling their Courses here. This works like any other online marketplace and you can just enroll to any kind of course you like. There are thousands of courses you can choose for from for great price. Once you choose the course to learn, we connect you to providers platform and then process take on.

2 What is the advantage of Taking course through Trainings Tree Platform

We keep announcing offers and promotions time to time. Please check with us for availability of COUPON CODES specific courses. And we take accountability for what we collect money for.

How do I Enroll and Make payment!?

If the courses are offered by our partner (example Udemy) you will be directed to our partner’s website and you will have to pay them directly through their payment gateway in their currency.

If the courses are offered by Internal Trainings Tree team you can shop on our Trainings Tree platform and pay in India currency. In both case steps are very simple and it’s as simple and process take 3-5 mints maximum.

I see many Workshops and Class room Courses offered here! How it works?

Our Training Partners can sell all kind of service here in Trainings Tree. Many Training Providers use our platform to enroll students for their weekend workshops and even for regular courses.
Students who have taken enrollment here can attend the programs. Here we act as an enabler and simply the process of enrolling.

I am interested in partnering with you who should I contact?

Please write to us at [email protected] and cc to [email protected], we will respond at the earliest.




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