Once a rich celebrity woman was boarding a plane.

She noticed an elderly person was sitting next to her seat.

She was a bit upset about having to travel with an old man! On a long journey!

Then she called the Airhostess and asked her to change the seat as she was a bit uncomfortable having to sit next to a poor elderly man.

The Airhostess checked for an alternate place and came back and replied politely, “Apologies ma’am, but the economy class is completely booked”

Airhostess and Captain
A Smart Airhostess

Upon her insistence, the air hostess said she would speak to the Captain and check if he could do something to make the celebrity comfortable.

When the captain learned about this, he was quite surprised. But he has to make everyone comfortable! So he gave a plan.

Airhostess came back and said, “Captain suggested that we could use an open seat in the First class.

He also wants to convey his apologizes for having to travel with such a horrible person”

By hearing this the rich woman was overjoyed.. and as she was getting off her seat, The Airhostess stretched her arm towards the old man and said, “Sir, please follow me”

Inspirational, Woman on the plane
Inspirational, Woman on the plane

The whole flight applauded..the elderly man walked away giving a smirk smile.

We all get to see such people in our daily life… Just ignore them they will get what they deserve!

I would like to know how you have treated such people in your life in the comment!

I will be back soon with another Short Courses, till then Take Care!

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