Leadership Skills

We all want to reach a leadership role early in our work life, but many of us are not aware of what skills take us there! And what makes a leader different from a follower. What makes a good leader is widely debated. However It is clear, Good leaders know what they want, and how to make it happen.

It is also a fact that different leaders have different characteristics & styles. No matter what style of leadership they have adopted, a successful leader always relies on skills that make them great.

Also, apart from their skills what makes a good leader is their flexibility and ability to adopt change! And Change quickly!

Today Leadership skills are highly sought skills by employers, if you want to be a good leader this session is for you!

6 leadership skills

Each one of us has a different style of managing things. Some of us are highly organized, some use jugged! ( Jugad is Indian way of getting things done in last minute)

    1. Vision Or strategic Thinking: clear vision where you want to go how?
    2. Planning: Planning is to how you want to make it happen  what tools to use and what resources are needed timelines
    3. Communication: Clear and consistent communication about what you are set out to and what is you are trying to achieve
    4. People Management: Involving people and your team to make this happen
    5. Change Management: Convincing people to adopt change and take a decision  quickly
    6. Influencing Skills: This is the most powerful skill of a leader where he connects to the pulse of the team and through his excellence of work. They will be so good in whatever they are doing people simply love to follow them.

Leadership Styles

good leadership-styles

Good leadership-Styles

When you observe a great leader you would normally come across  6 types of leadership styles in general (there are more ) As per the great emotional intelligence expert Danial Goleman there are 6 leadership styles you see common in people. What we see in these 6 styles of leadership, its mostly driven by a personality who is leading as well as a work environment where kind of control needed to get the things done

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6 types of leadership styles
Before you start working on leadership skills, first you need to understand what is your leadership style?

1 Affinitive- creates emotional bonds team People come first, 

Such leaders will have a great degree of emotional bonding and exhibit empathy and communication skills to deal with situations. They are able to connect well with the team and understand the situation quickly. Here the focus is more on the human aspect then the task.

2.Democratic- build consensus through participation What do you think, What do you say?

 Democratic style leader always takes opinions and feedback from the team before taking a final decision. The normal prase of a democratic leader is ” what do you think” or” what shall we do “. This leader is open and very skilled in communication and collaborating with the team to get ideas. Democratic leadership works in an open culture and this needes some maturity in the workforce.

3.Coaching Leader- Encourage people to make mistake and develop people “Let’s try or Try it” 

This is more of an open culture leadership where there is a fair degree of freedom to make a mistake and learn new things. “Let’s try or try it” is the phrase more suitable coaching type of leader. This is more suitable to the service sector where you the personal bonding is good and the leader helps develop skills over a period of time as a mentor than a manager.

4.Authoritative- Focus and push people towards a vision.” A common phrase for them is  “Come With Me

These leaders are focused and vision-driven with clear direction. Authoritative leaders are change agents they drive people towards goal with their positional authority in a positive way. Normally they greater level of success through their self-discipline and focus.

5.Pace-setting- Expect self-driven excellence. “Do as I do, now”

lead by example is the theme of the pace-setting leaders. These leaders are highly focused on the result and work well in a matured process-driven environment

6.Coercive- Demand immediate obedience and discipline ” Do what I tell you”

This style of leadership can be seen in some of the highly organized military kinds of organization, where the leader is a supreme commander and once an order is given that has to be executed.This works in a highly controlled and disciplined environment. Police and Military environment is the classic example of this kind of leadership, though you can see even in some of the schools :)

Once you are aware of your style and choose the preferred style you can work ok to adopt some of the qualities from other styles and master it.

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Now that you have identified your leadership style and skill needed, let me give you tips and tricks to master those skills, here are the 4 steps to start with
Tips and Steps to improve your leadership skills

Leadership Skills Improvement Steps

Leadership Skills Improvement Steps

we all are borne with some leadership qualities missing a few others which we can develop. Most leaders are leaders because they are aware of their leadership qualities which are missing in them and they take effort to acquire those skills till they master it. says leadership guru Brian Tracy. Work and master any quality which you think you should have as a good leader, it may be your people skills, patience, responding to a situation, delegation ability etc. Embrace every opportunity to practice those skills and practice until you master each one.

Tip # 1: Increase & Improve a few things:

Yes! increase the frequency of few activities which will help you to reach your goal, for example, Reading, attending a seminar on leadership courses, watch youtube, spend more time with leaders, taking ownership and dealing with it. This will help you increase your awareness about yourself, and consciously you can improve over time.

Tip # 2: Avoid or Reduce:

If you want to improve something you need to focus and do more productive work then unproductive, Identify those areas which are less valuable and not helping you to your goal. For example, it may be reducing habits like WhatsApp, facebook, tv or spending too much time on the internet, etc.  And roaming around a few useless friends

Tip # 3: Take action & Start doing, & do it now!:

Yes to become a new person you will have to invest time and energy on new things, there is a say “ things which got you here will not take you there “. So every step up in the ladder demands new skills, new behaviors, and it takes time to practice ..Don’t expect change overnight. It’s hard to change .. But. Possible to change and learn new things!

  • The best way is to identify those skills you need to improve, write it down, have a strategy to practice and start implementing

Tip # 4: Delete and Stop Few things:

To become new person you need to delete some of the unwanted things in you. Step back and take a hard look at activities that are no longer relevant or adding any value in your journey. Having them deleted you will save that much time, energy for achieving your goal.

For example, spending time on the newspaper it an utter waste of time as print media is almost outdated. There is little value add of such a task in your new journey. Any bad habits smoking, drinking its time to leave. 

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Final thought

To be effective in today’s environment most leaders will use blended styles. They are able to easily move between styles depending on the situation and people they are dealing with. Once you are aware of your style and choose the preferred style you can work ok to adopt some of the qualities from other styles and master it.

I would like to leave a thought before I close this session with great worlds of Robin Sharma Author and leadership coach

Leadership is all about 3 I Practice

The First ” I ” is Inspire: You take example any leader be it Prime minister Modi or Steave job, Jack Ma, Elon Mask, each has a story which inspires you to do more and follow them.

Second ” I” is Influence: be so good what you do will influence people around you, and they get attracted to your way of doing and they follow you easily.

Third ” I ” is making Impact: most of us talk a lot about our plan, and very good at planning on an excel sheet but very few are executing and impacting people around. True leaders bring long-lasting impacts on the life of others.

Knowing what kind of leader are you? a simple

Each one of us has a pre-defined leadership style. There is a simple way to know what kind of leaders you are. One of the easiest ways to assess your leadership style observe what kind of thing you say or do when you are stressed! Or when your ideas are challenged! Just watch what kind of words you use when you are stressed or put into a difficult situation, be honest!

Some of the common phrases you would be

What do think? do you think it works?

“Ok go ahead and try” or let’s try

“I will show you  follow me “

“Just do as I say “

“I know how to deal with it”

Thank you if you have come this far means you are serious about your making changes to your leadership style

Through your comments plz do let me know what is your favorite word you use and how you want to change.. I love to hear from you! Have a  great day!


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