Today technology has transformed the way we learn. today every palm has a supercomputer, that gives multiple learning options to every student. Gone are the days there was only one way to learn any subject and get certified. Today you can learn anything and everything sitting on the corner of your bedroom. Most of the Harvard teachings are available in the form on online courses in a platform like Coursera or edX.

As more and more students are opting for the live or semi-live learning environment, classroom learning is slowly taking a backseat, though there are takers still. In this let me explain to you 3 type of learning you can explore to acquire your skills and gear up for the job market.

These type of learning options are

  1. Online learning

  2. Classroom Learning

  3. Learning with Trainers or SME

1. Learning Online (semi-live or live)

As the internet has reached every corner and people can learn anything and everything sitting on at their home any time anywhere. Learning through online classes is the most efficient way to become an Expert.

Advantages of learning online:

  • Cost-Effective: Compare to Classroom training online course fees is half some time it is highly discounted and available for one-fifth (1/3) of the cost in many reputed platforms.
  • These days most of the courses are available for Rs 600 to Rs1500 ($10 to $20) from well-known Trainers.
  • Flexibility: One can learn sitting at home, no need to drive around and any time anywhere you can take up these
  • Quality of Trainer: Most of the trainers who are teaching online are reputed and Subject Matter Experts. If you look at your area within this area you may not find the best trainers always. In this online learning, you will get the best training providers who are globally recognized.
  • You can Refer Back to the Subject: Any subject, if you want to become a master, Say Fashion Design,  you need to repeatedly go back to the teachings. Online courses will help you refer back the teachings, and understand better. As the Fashion Design Subject is not so easy you may have to refer back many times.
  • Keep as a Reference Quick Guide: As the course is accessible anytime anywhere, even though you have taken a classroom session, I would suggest buying online Courses as a reference. You can always go and refer back to what your teacher is teaching in the classroom.

Disadvantages of Online learning:

Need to be committed, Access of Trainer is limited and not instant, Community learning will be missing, there will not be any classmates.

2. Learning in Classroom near Jayanagar

Next, the best option is to learn by Attending Classroom Sessions. this is been there for years and it has its own advantage. Learning in a classroom environment is design to learn in a group and it is fun as well

The advantages of Classroom sessions are many,

1) One will learn in a traditional method where trainer trains you in a classroom environment and also they will be available for clarification any time when needed.

2) Accessibility of Trainer: This is the most psychological comfort reason why many students choose Classroom Session of Fashion Design over online sessions.

Here for students feel it is easy to ask questions and interact with teachers. There is no doubt this is a very important aspect of learning, which is not practical in online sessions though there are options too.

3. Learning through SME (Trainer)

The Third option is Learn through Trainer (Subject Matter Expert). There are many subject matter experts who are teaching after their office hours or at home.

This is a new welcome trend here, the advantage is the person who is teaching will have the expertise and normally hands-on and, mostly working for big companies. In the area, there are couples of good trainers who are helping students at a reasonable cost.

The advantage of this is, Course fees will be comparatively low, as they don’t need to invest too much on the Infrastructure and expensive faculties.

Advantage is:

  • Cost-effective Learning, Mentorship Hands-on Experience Support.

Disadvantage is:

Certification Credibility, Recognition Consistency

Learning through SME (Mentor) is most suitable for people who want to upskill their expertise and they are not necessarily looking for certification as such. Especially those who are already on a job can choose this path of learning Fashion Design

How to choose Best Training Provider in your area for any course

Choosing the Best training provider near your area is much challenging, as Training institutes have mushroomed everywhere. Everyone claims to be the master of the subject and have the best faculty with them.

That is what it makes so hard to discover the real best. There are no shortcuts. Some of the factors you may want to consider before investing and enrolling

  1. One will have to look at the Expertise of Faculty
  2. Demo Sessions
  3. The attitude of the Provider and Trainer especially
  4. Students Feedback about the courses?
  5. Cost of Certification (Best training provider need not be always expensive)
  6. Timings and flexibility
  7. Lab Support
  8. Job Support ( Don’t go by 100 % assurance there is no such things)
  9. And overall reputation

I suggest you to make an informed decision on this and do not go by the publicity and infrastructure what they have spent on.

 Consider these factors as well

Remember to master these technical courses one need to be real master of the subject and these faculties are high in demand. So everyone claiming the best faculty is not true as many best faculties would have shifted to Major cities for better prospects.

One needs to take a balanced look at the advantage of a classroom session and its disadvantages as well.

There is a number of Good Training providers in on the subject of your choice we help you choose the best

Want to know the best Learning source in your area? Let us help you. !!

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